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A medium is a composition of different solutions and steps that are required to cultivate defined microorganisms.


Solutions are the building blocks of media. One solution can be used in many media (e.g. Trace element solution).


Ingredients can be either chemical compounds (e.g. Glucose or MgSO4) or complex substances (e.g. Yeast extract).


BacMedia also includes a list of all microorganisms that grow on the media.


Feature-Update in September 2021

  • We added a taxonomy based search to find media from closely related strains. Check it out!
  • We have improved the Medium finder! You can now include gases and solutions into your search and you will receive more information. Additionally, we added the whole new Solution finder .
  • We have improved the adjustment of the final volume of the medium.
  • We added webpage tours to a couple of pages. Whenever you see this icon: , click on the button and discover all functionalities of the page.

Feature-Update in August 2021

  • We added strain-specific modifications to our media. Check them out!
  • We added more download options (e.g. for ingredients, media, solutions, etc).
  • We integrated BacDive metadata on the media pages.
  • We improved our PDFs drastically. You can now also influence the final volume and select a strain for the medium.
  • We improved our interfaces and added more links to the pages. Single ingredients and solutions now have their own page.
  • We added German as a language and translated most parts of the website. Change language

We have cultivation media for more than 40,000 strains.