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Main sol. 1094

Internal Solution-ID: S2200

Equipment needed: Hungate tubes Gassing station Autoclave Filter
Compound Amount Unit Conc. [g/L] Conc. [mM]
Solution A 943 ml - -
Solution B 13 ml - -
Solution C 20 ml - -
Solution D 1 ml - -
Solution E 10 ml - -
Solution F 10 ml - -
Solution G 10 ml - -
1 Sparge solution A with 80% N2 and 20% CO2 gas mixture for 30 - 45 min to make anoxic. Dispense under same gas atmosphere into anoxic Hungate-type tubes or serum vials to 30% of their volume and autoclave. Solutions B, C, D and G are prepared under 100% N2 gas atmosphere and sterilized by filtration. Solutions E and F are prepared under 100% N2 gas atmosphere and autoclaved. To complete the medium add appropriate amounts of solutions B to G to the sterile solution A in the sequence indicated and let medium equilibrate overnight. Adjust pH of complete medium to 5.7, if necessary.
2 After inoculation pressurize vials to 1 bar overpressure with sterile 80% H2 and 20% CO2 gas mixture.
3 Note: The complete medium is not stable and can be stored only for a short time.