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Main sol. J159

Internal Solution-ID: S3812

Benötigtes Equipment: Autoclave Anaerobic workbench
Zutat Menge Einheit Konz. [g/L] Konz. [mM]
Modified Brock's salt base solution 1000.0 ml - -
NaCl 40.0 g 40 684.463
Yeast extract
2.0 g 2 -
10.0 g 10 311.818
Na2S x 9 H2O 0.5 g 0.5 2.082
Resazurin 1.0 mg 1.0e-3 0.004
1 Mix ingredients, except yeast extract, sulfur and Na2S x 9H2O, adjust pH to 5.8 with H2SO4, and autoclave under a N2 atmosphere. Separately autoclave yeast extract as a 10% solution under a N2 atmosphere. Steam sulfur for 3 hr on each of 3 successive days. Neutralize Na2S x 9H2O as a 5% solution, and autoclave under a N2 atmosphere. Aseptically and anaerobically add the yeast extract solution and sulfur to the medium. Prior to inoculation, add the sterile Na2S x 9H2O solution, and readjust pH to 5.8, if necessary.