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Distilled water

Ingredient ID: C4

acquaaguaaquaBOUND WATERDeionized waterdihydridooxygendihydrogen oxideeauH2OHOHhydrogen hydroxideoxidanePurified waterWasserWater[OH2]
Used attributes:
acidified to pH 3.0 with HC (3×)add distilled water to 200 ml (1×)autoclaved (1×)acidified to pH 3.0 with HCl (1×)freshly distilled (1×)MilliQ (1×)for liquid medium (1×)if required (1×)Degassed (1×)
Identifiers from other databases:
Chemical data:
Formula: H2O
Mass: 18.0153 g/mol
Density: 0.998207 [g/cm3]