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Sodium bicarbonate

Ingredient ID: C2149

5251QArmex Blast Media Flow Formula XLBakeshure 180Bakeshure 195Baking sodaBI-CF 40EBI-H 40EBi-ProtecBicar 0/13Bicar 13/50Bicar 27/50Bicar FoodBicar TecBicar TEC 27/50BifilCalcie-FCarbonic acid monosodium saltCarbonic acid sodium salt (1:1)Carbonic acid, monosodium saltCellborn FE 507Cellborn FE 507RCellborn SC 53Cellborn SC 855Cellborn SC-KCellborn SC-PCellmic 266Cellmic 3274FCellmic 494Cellmic B 819CoAct+DP 35/22E B80Ecoblast EB 100Ecoblast EB 20Ecoblast EB 60Ecoblast EB 80Ecorandom 1200Ecorandom KFEcorandom KPEdible sodaEE 425Extin BFE 507FE 507RFinecell Master P 0217KGenitron TP-BCH 51051H 3510H 3510 (blowing agent)HD 20Highpurser B 200Hydrocerol 2060Hydrocerol 2219Hydrocerol ESC 5671KG 1 (bicarbonate)Kim ChiakMeylonMeyron 84Monosodium carbonateMonosodium hydrogen carbonateP 5Palmarole MB-BA 18Panthlene H 3510Polythlene EE 425Prophy JetPSB-ZMSB 03SC 855SM 3274SodaSodium acid carbonateSodium carbonate (1:1)Sodium carbonate (Na(HCO3))Sodium hydrogen carbonateSodium monohydrogen carbonateSoludalSteinhauersSunfivepowerUnifine P 4Unifine P 5Vekson VS 60Vekson VS 90

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Chemical data:
Formula: CH2O3.Na
Density: 2.159 [g/cm3]