Official DSMZ medium: This medium was manually curated by experts from the DSMZ.

Culture medium recipe

Selected strain: Actinomyces israelii DSM 43323

This strain uses the standard medium without modifications.

Equipment needed: Autoclave
Compound Amount Unit Conc. [g/L] Conc. [mM]
Brain heart infusion
37 g 37 -
Yeast extract 2 g 2 -
Distilled water 1000 ml - -


Last modified: 14.02.22
Source: DSMZ
Taxonomic range:  Bacteria
Medium type: Complex medium
Final pH: n.d.
Equipment needed: Autoclave
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Associated strains

All strains for this medium: 3
Actinomyces israelii DSM 43323

No modifications necessary for this strain.

Molecular composition

Compound Conc. [g/L] Conc. [mM]
Brain heart infusion 37 -
Yeast extract 2 -
Distilled water - -

Cultivation metadata from 3 strains BacDive

phyla 1 3 strains
oxygen anaerobe 2 strains
oxygen microaerophile 2 strains
temperature mesophilic 3 strains